Program at a glance

The scientific program of IHMC Congress 2020 includes 9 plenary and 12 parallel sessions covering the following topics:

  • Large Population Studies on the Human Microbiome
  • Human Microbiotas beyond the Gut
  • Non-bacterial Members of the Microbiome
  • Immune Modulation by Microbes
  • Diet and Gut Microbiota
  • Infectious Diseases, Antibiotics and Vaccines
  • Celiac Disease, IBD, Liver Diseases and Metabolic Disorders
  • Microbiota and Gut Brain Axis
  • Microbial Metabolism of Drugs
  • Microbiome Diagnostic Tools for Precision Medicine
  • Mining the Microbiota for Novel Probiotics
  • Mining the Microbiota for Molecules
  • FMT
  • Metaomics Data Integration Tools
  • Emerging Research Areas
  • Oral Presentation of Selected Abstracts